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Aesthetic Skin Treatments

    $75 (25 minutes) or 6 sessions ($400 @ $66 each)
  Smooths rough dull skin! Aluminum oxide crystals are blown onto cleansed skin and the dull skin is gently sucked away leaving fresh smooth skin. Add the Gly-Peel 30% for $25 more … you will see and feel the difference.
    30% Gly-Peel - $40 (20 minutes) 
  When medical grade glycolic gel is applied, you will feel your baby soft skin react to products better.
    TCA Peel - $175
  Layer on layer of Tri-chloracitic acid is swept onto your face… you will feel the burn and see the results when the old dull skin peels away after a few days. No Retin-A for at least 2 weeks pre/post procedure.
    Obagi Blue peel- $400
  Blue is cool-especially when this TCA combo is removed & the old skin peels away.  Great for melasma (pregnancy mask), sun damaged skin & acne scared skin. Yes - you feel this one!
Watch a video and learn more about Obagi -
    Steep Cleansing Facial - $95 (50 minutes)
  Fabulous & refreshing ~ Steam, massage and custom mask reveal the new you.
    Men's Facial - $90 (50 minutes)
  Steam, massage, cleansing & clearing pores. Our version of "Homme Improvement"
    Teen Clean Facial- $75 (50 minutes)
  Clean, clean, clean your teen’s face. Clear those zits and be a happy camper.
    Vitamin A,C, E & Oxygen Facial- $125 (60 minutes)
  Steep cleansing facial combined with a luxurious oxygen combo of vitamins A, C & E in a mist over your face.  Super for the “bride” in us all!  You deserve it!
    Collagen Care Facial- $125 (60 minutes)
  Steep cleansing facial with a collagen sheath steamed on your freshly cleaned face. Get your “glow” on! Great for stressed, tired, second hand smoked & over traveled skin.
  Skin resurfacing technique that uses a special surgical blade (dermatome) to scrape away the top dead layer of dead epidermal cells. Also removes all the peach fuzz facial hair.
Brow Services:
  Tame your tumbleweeds with our brow expert!
Brow Tint - $20
Brow Wax & Shape - $20
Lash Tint - $20

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